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    Eat healthy, with lots of fruits and vegetables, get physical movement, and add a relaxation program for mind-body-spirit.
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    West Palm Beach

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    …natural therapies/substances, lifestyle issues, complementary or alternative medicine (CAM) from a patient's perspective.
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    Annie Appleseed

    …provides information, education and advocacy for people with cancer, their family and friends.
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Welcome to the Annie Appleseed Project! 

There are so many simple steps that can be taken to increase your chances of surviving and beating cancer. We want to help you make more informed treatment decisions.


Our site has a variety of articles...

Demonstrating the value of Mind-Body-Spirit activities. Here is one example...


Vitamins & Dietary Supplements

It is important for us to remember that...

There are companies producing supplements who are NOT doing the right thing...



Detoxification is extremely important

For everyone these days. Our food, air, water, soil and anything else around ...


Physical Activity / Exercise

Physical Activity / Exercise

We usually say while lying in bed, flex your ankles and rotate them, raise your arms over your head if you can, when you...


About AAPR

Learn about Annie Appleseed Project

Find out who created the Annie Appleseed Project!.



Nutrition. Looking at a single...

Food, or nutrient, or worse, a single 'active element' of a food will NEVER be the answer...



March 6-82014

8th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference

Palm Beach Embassy Suites... Registration is Open