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Updated 2/26/11

We now have an opt-in form which enables you to sign up to receive our occasional email newsletters. All are guaranteed to have content that may be useful to people with cancer, or at risk. If you send an email to us, we will add you to this list (even if you did not opt-in because not every page on our extensive site has this opt-in form). However if you do NOT want to receive our email, you can opt out.

We do not use cookies. We do not keep track of any information beyond the number of visitors weekly, monthly or annually. We can tell what SEARCH engine they found us through. NO personal information of any kind is stored.

It is possible that you will receive an email from us at some time in the future (but you can always tell us NOT to contact you again).

Your email itself is NOT saved, we do not store any medical information about you at all.

Updated 8/05

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