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The following is taken verbatim from a hand-out at the World Conference on Breast Cancer.

“Breast Cancer: Prevent and Survive it with Iodine”

Presentation by David M. Derry, MD, PhD

Dr. Derry believes that breast cancer can be treated effectively. He will discuss:

What causes breast cancer

How cancer spreads

How thyroid hormones strengthen the connective tissue cancer barrier

How adequate iodine intake can reduce breast cancer to a controllable chronic disease of little significance


Cancer development has two phases – one controlled by iodine, and the other by thyroid hormone. Using this two-phase hypothesis, we can better understand fibrocystic disease and breast cancer. Supplemental iodine in correct doses triggers apoptosis or natural cell death, which destroys abnormal cells that are in the process of becoming cancer cells, and even kills some early cancer cells. Adequate thyroid hormone blocks cancer cells from spreading through connective tissue.

With optimum amounts of two simple and effective therapies, iodine and thyroid hormone, we can completely reverse fibrocystic breast disease, arrest breast cancer, and ward off other cancers by supporting the body’s natural defences. Dr. Derry has successfully used this protocol to treat hundreds of women with fibrocystic disease and about 10 breast cancer patients over the last nine years.

More details are in Dr. Derry’s article: “Breast Cancer: The Iodine and Thyroid Connection” on line at

The Presenter: Dr. Derry’s medical degree is from the University of British Columbia and his PhD in neurochemistry is from McGill University. He was an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and a Medical Research Scholar in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto for five years. For the past 30 years, he has been a general practitioner in Victoria, British Columbia.

His first lecture on breast cancer, held in 1997 at the University of Victoria, was attended by over 300 people. He presented more information at a lecture in Victoria in April 2002. He discussed the effects of iodine on fibrocystic disease of the breast, and how the Japanese, who have a high iodine intake, have a significantly lower rate of breast cancer than North Americans do.

Dr. Derry has analysed the effects of iodine on hundreds of women who have fibrocystic disease, with and without breast cancer. He has been planning this second lecture with updated information for the past three years.

In 2001, he published “Breast Cancer and Iodine: How to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer”, available from Trafford Publishing at or by phone at (250)383-6864 or toll-free (888)232-4444.


HOW cancer develops, and the body’s cancer defence system

The time sequence of cancer from normal cells to cancer cells to tumours

Identifying the anti-cancer system –which gland or organ provides defence?

The thyroid gland function

IODINE and the chemistry of the cancer defence

The effect of iodine on multicellular organisms and vertebrates after the arrival of seaweed

The action of iodine against bacteria

The most important anti-cancer reaction in the body: the reaction of tyrosine (an amino acid) with iodine

How this reaction wrecks the protein in abnormal protein molecules and thus kills abnormal cells in multicellular organisms

CANCER development: Dr. Wallace Clarke Jr’s compartments and stages

The basic tissue unit or compartment and its function

The process of cancer development –Phase I: carcinoma in situ (cancer in one compartment only)-Phase II cancer prope (cancer that is growing in more than one compartment)

How cancer cells access the bloodstream and organs through the connective tissue of the body

How the strength of connective tissue to resist the spread of cancer cells is directly related to the thyroid hormone levles in the connective tissue

FIBROCYSTIC disease and the development of breast cancer

Menstrual cycles and monthly changes in the breast

Non-resolution of these changes and fibrocystic disease

Clinical trial results: iodine removes and reverses fibrocystic disease

Breast cancer risk factors and the two-phase theory of cancer

EFFECTIVE iodine intake

Comparison of breast cancer patients on iodine and thyroid hormone therapy with other breast cancer patients

How much iodine to take

SUMMARY of breast cancer

QUESTION and Answer period

Dr. Derry welcomes your thoughts at
See for more information about treatment with iodine and thryoid hormone.

Iodine and Thyroid Hormones for Bca

LINK to Dr. Derry’s site

Iodine Deficiency  article by Robert Sarver

written by Robert Sarver,
Posted 1/06

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