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We usually say while lying in bed, flex your ankles and rotate them, raise your arms over your head if you can, when you can get out of bed, walk around the room, when you can leave your room, walk around your house, then walk around the block, then WALK. This exercise is as good as any other.

See this: Boost Your Immune System- Exercise by Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.

“You’ve probably noticed that there’s a healing side to exercise: It can chase the blues, help fight stress, and raise your energy. But when is exercise actually therapeutic?

Millennia ago, the people of ancient China and India developed methods of exercise with exceptional healing effects. Although they evolved continents apart, Qigong, t’ai chi, and yoga have certain similarities. They can all be described as meditative exercise and all involve:

  • – Relaxation and concentration
  • – A focus on the breath
  • – Gradual, purposeful movement

We know from modern research that these disciplines have been found to promote the effectiveness of the immune system. They were used purposefully in ancient cultures as a complement to medical treatment.”

Click on this ARCHIVE to see more information on Exercise and Physical Activity.  YOU do NOT have to be an athlete to keep active.

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