CAM Conference

Adelphi Breast Cancer Program

LINK: “Founded in 1980 First program in New York State exclusively addressing the psychosocial issues associated with breast cancer

Only New York Statewide Toll-free Breast Cancer Hotline answering almost 4,000 calls each year & over 350,000 web site visits each year

One-hundred specially trained, professionally supervised volunteers, most of whom are breast cancer survivors

Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition
LINK: “The Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition was founded in 1993 when three friends in Babylon, Suffolk County, New York; two of them diagnosed with breast cancer, found they could no longer ignore the statistics. Determined to fight the disease by raising awareness and educating women about breast cancer, the BBCC, with its staff of dedicated volunteers, undertook the task of completing a demographic survey to ascertain the incidence of breast cancer in Babylon”

Breast Cancer Help Inc.

LINK: “a grassroots resource for information & activism in the fight against breast cancer on Long Island, New York. Years of hard work and ongoing effort by breast cancer survivors, their families, friends, & communities have made a serious and positive impact in our fight against cancer. Learn about what you can do to win the battle for our bodies & our lives. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, get the support you need to help you overcome the challenges presented by your disease”

 Brentwood/Bayshore Breast Cancer Coalition

LINK: “The Brentwood / Bay Shore Breast Cancer Coalition was initiated as a PTA Council environmental issue with support from church groups. Although we are not Breast Cancer survivors for the most part, we have been moved by people’s pain, & we all suffer the loss of relatives and friends. Through prevention, we hope to protect children & reduce the progress of breast cancer”

 Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition

LINK: “Since 1992, the Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition has been dedicated to the battle against breast cancer through education & advocacy of breast cancer research. To further protect future generations, we also advocate breast cancer prevention research & we educate the public on ways to avoid toxic environmental exposures. Along with the battle against breast cancer through outreach, activism and research, we offer support for women who are newly diagnosed

Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition

LINK: “Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition (HBCAC) is a not-for-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the ultimate eradication of breast cancer through education & awareness. Our mission is to focus on prevention methods while actively helping those who are faced with a positive diagnosis”

  Islip Breast Cancer Coalition

LINK: “The Islip Breast Cancer Coalition is an organization
of volunteers whose goal it is to serve as
a community resource for Islip Town residents
confronted with breast cancer”

 Long Beach Breast Cancer Coalition

LINK for Long Beach, NY
Mission: “Our mission is to promote awareness through education & community outreach; advocacy to increase funding for research into the causes of breast cancer, & for improved methods of detection & treatment; & assistance in securing access to screening, diagnosis, & treatment”

 Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer

LINK: “The Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer (“MWCABC”) is an all-volunteer, non-profit charitable organization founded in 1997 to unite the women of Manhasset, Long Island in the fight against breast cancer. MWCABC’s mission is to fund innovative research, increase awareness through education & provide support services to those with breast cancer & related diseases”

 1 in 9 LI Breast Cancer Coaltion

LINK: “committed to fighting the cancer epidemic through education, outreach, environmental advocacy, spearheading changes to legislation affecting cancer issues, &continuously raising money to support innovative epidemiological cancer research projects at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

 West Islip Breast Cancer Coalition

LINK: “THE WEST ISLIP BREAST CANCER COALITION FOR LONG ISLAND, INC. is a non-profit, grassroots organization working to eradicate Breast Cancer on Long Island. The WIBCC is dedicated to advancing Breast Cancer research & technology through increased governmental funding which will identify the causes of Breast Cancer”

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