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[Glutathione chemoprotection therapy against CDDP-induced neurotoxicity in patients with invasive bladder cancer]

[Article in Japanese]

Sumiyoshi Y, Hashine K, Kasahara K, Karashima T.

Dept. of Urology, National Shikoku Cancer Center Hospital.

We studied the efficacy of glutathione in the prevention of CDDP-induced neurotoxicity. Nine patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer were treated with intra-arterial THP and CDDP chemotherapy plus radiotherapy. Glutathione was given at a dose of 1,500 mg/m2 before CDDP administration and at a dose of 600 mg/body on days 2 to 4. The CR rate of 9 patients was 89%, and 2 of the 9 patients developed grade 1 neurotoxicity. These patients were then compared with 15 patients treated with the same regiment but without glutathione. The two groups did not differ in CR rate (89% vs 87%), but the incidence of neurotoxicity of patients with glutathione was significantly lower than that of patients without glutathione (22% vs 73%).

PMID: 8854791

Gan To Kagaku Ryoho. 1996 Sep;23(11):1506-8.

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