Why We Have Linked to These Sites:

We are cancer patients. These are places that we got useful information from. Rather than our recopying their material we are making it easier for you to do this research.

There are many useful sites on the Web. Unfortunately there are many that are not helpful or even misleading (usually due to a desire to ‘SELL’ something).

The main thing to remember is that there are many possibilities. Different things work for different people. They may even work differently at different times.

What we know from scientific research is that there are many different events in the body that lead to malignant cells. Therefore natural methods may be interrupting some aspect of what is called the “cascade of event” that lead to malignant cells or carcinoma (cancer).

Western science seeks to name and tries to understand exactly why something works and what it does in the body. Although we welcome such information, it doesn’t change WHAT is happening. So if the workings of a technique or natural substance cannot be fully explained, it does NOT diminish the realty of its effect.

These links will bring lots more information that may be helpful. Additionally you will find LINKS connected to various articles and appropriate treatment sections.

Be well.

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