Alternative Cancer Therapies

We’ve been collecting information on possibilities for many years.  This website and nonprofit Annie Appleseed Project was the brainchild of Ann Fonfa.  Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993 at the age of 44, Ann was suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.  This made it impossible for her to accept chemotherapy (subsequent understanding showed it would probably NOT have been beneficial for what was a slow-growing tumor).

Gathering information on what in 1993 was only called alternatives, Ann found so much. Ann Fonfa, president Annie Appleseed Project wrote this paper on the Barriers to complementary & alternative therapies usage (2007). “Thus many pages, many possibilities shown.  We link to many other ‘alternative info groups’ – Archive Link.

At the 2013 Society for Integrative Oncology, attended by Ann Fonfa, president, Annie Appleseed Project and board member Linda McDonald, we heard about the Banerji Protocol.  It’s Ayurveda/Homeopathy, created in India.

Here’s a PDF on how to/details of Coffee Enemas

Terapias complementarias y alternativas (Spanish version)

Personalized Gene Targeted Therapy

“What is Personalized Therapy in relation to cancer treatments? Exactly as the name implies, it is addressing cancer particular to a patient’s genetic make-up, rather than assuming the old paradigm that all cancers are the same. Under previous antiquated assumptions, patients with similar diagnosis would all generally receive the same treatment.  But what if cancer is particular to the individual? Then wouldn’t a person’s genetic make-up determine what course of treatment would be most effective?”

The above is from the website for Burzynski patients


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