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Posted September 2010 Key elements of health reporting:

* What’s the total cost?

* How often do benefits occur?

* How often do harms occur?

* How strong is the evidence? (only 30 in the study!!!)

* Are there alternative options?

* Is this really a new approach?

* Is it available to me?

* Who’s promoting this?

* Do they have a conflict of interest?

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“NIH Eyes Sweeping Reform of Peer Review”

from Science, November 1999, vol 286

This article describes the results of a “blue-ribbon” panel convened to discuss reforms at NIH. National Academy of Sciences president, Bruce Alberts “wants to completely restructured the array of study sections operated by NIH’s Center for Scientific Review (CSR) which pass judgement on about three-quarters of NIH grant applications”..

According to this article CSR has already “fashioned new study sections that handle applications from clinical researchers who feel they don’t get a fair shake in panels dominated by laboratory researchers and to provide homes for research proposals that don’t seem to fit anywhere else”.

What prompted the move to change the CSR system was a belief that the peer-review method was too often marred by “error-prone, turf-conscious nitpicking by obsolete study sections that reject novel ideas out of fear, ignorance or self-interest.”

Ann’s NOTE: There is a long way to go to fix the existing system. I have heard the complaints raised by researchers who are outside of the usual establishments, or areas of study. They do feel short-changed. It has been shown that the system favors those in postitions of power or key areas rather than new researchers. A prime example of this is the work done by the Department of Defense with its breast cancer research funds. The DOD chose to fund new idea people. This was a radical step. It is acknowledged by “insiders” that the best way to get funding is to have had funding. A bit of an “old boy network” thing.

Changes could be beneficial. I hope that “consumers”, that is what they call concerned citizen activists, can be involved in these discussions. We often add the forgotten human face.

Advocates & Conflict of Interest

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Women’s Cancer Advocacy Network, 1/04

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February 2001

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 Medical Error Issues & Solutions

Excerpts from article
and what you can do

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New York Times Magazine,

Managed Care Limits Communications:Doc/Pt
“The Patient Failed Chemotherapy”
Reimbursement Biggest Barrier to Integrative Practice
Even Docs Are Confused by Medical Statistics, Study Shows
Limitations Studying Model Organisms

Sorry, we lost the source

“Animal Research Benefits Humans and Animals”
Are Animal Studies Useful to Humans?
Consumer Advg & Physn Diag/Prescribing

Am J Health-Syst Pharm, 3/02

Conflicts of Interest (Financial) & Bias

Nature, 3/02

Corp $$$ & Non Profit Groups
Conflicts of Interest & Research Results
Essential Guide to Health & Wellbeing May be NEITHER
Conflict of Interest – Comments by Roy M. Poses, MD
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US Geological Survey 3/02

Research Advocacy Network

LINK to site where advocates
learn about participation

Pharmas Most Prof Industry (Again) 2001

Public Citizen, 5/02

Spending 2 1/2 Times More on Mktg/Adv/Admin THAN R&D
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Issues about ' Evidence'


Number Needed to Treat/Absolute Risk
Statistical Expertise in Med Research
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Patient Group Gets ECOG Study of LOWER Dose
57% of Safety Studies NOT Published for Five Years or at ALL
Vitamin Mfgs-Cartel Price-Fixing Again???

July 3, 2002
The Nation via

University Fails to Offer Another Viewpoint

Letter to the Chronicle, Georgia
Newspaper, 2002
Dr. Abbe, Athens, GA

Sites do NOT Put Into Practice Sooner

JAMA, 9/02

Comprehensive Recommendations:Radiation Oncology
Number of Patients Per Nurse:Life/Death

JAMA, 10/02

Delays In Reporting Errors & Incidence

JNCI, 10/02

Pharma Drug Trials MOSTLY Succeed:What's UP?

The Guardian (UK), 1/04

Cancer Journal Articles Lack Referenced Methods
Selective Reporting: OUTCOMES in Randomized Trials
Drug companies research, products more likely to perform well
Patient Navigation: Improves Timeliness of Diagnosis

Canadian Assoc Radiol J, 6/04

References for Patient Navigation article

JCNI, 7/02
All explained here

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Classification of Cancer Deaths
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Helping Doctors and Patients Make Sense of Health Statistics
OBITS - Various People who Contributed w/Special Grace

Janaury 19, 2004
New York Times

Cindy Francine Hills Melancon, an OBIT
Obits of Prominent Lesbians Dead of Cancer
Harold Benjamin: Founder The Wellness Community
Obit: Dr. Jeanne Petrek
Obit: Vera Komarkova, Mountaineer, Age 62
Steve Dunn – Founder of – Cancer Advisor
Earl Woods, 74, Father of Tiger Woods – Prostate Cancer
OBIT: Soraya Winner of Latin Grammy, Activist w/Hispanic Women
Leslie H. Kopp, 53, Archivist Focused on Preserving Dance
Barbara Seaman, 72; Pioneer In Women’s Health Mvment Lung Ca
Annie Cummings-Siple, December 2009
Judge Sylvia Pressler, Who Opened Little League to Girls
OBIT: Lucille Clifton, Poet Who Explored Intricacies of Black Lives
Wilma Mankiller, first woman to lead Cherokee, dies at 64
Catherine Greene of Schenectady, NY
Lilla Romeo, Breast Cancer Advocate, NYC
Dorothy Sucher, Reporter in Press-Freedom Case – THYROID Cancer
Frank C. Garland: Esophageal Cancer 2010
Jefferson Thomas, Pancreatic Cancer
Susan M. Cohen, Breast Cancer and Housing Advocate, NYC
H. Kenneth Schueler
Kathleen Helen Livingston
Daniele Doctorow, Musician, Family Foundation Director
Ann Fonfa/Annie Appleseed's Comments to NCI

NCI Listens and Learns, 10/06

Annie Appleseed on State Cancer Legsltve Database Progr
Biorepository Question – Annie Appleseed Comments
Using Research Findings in Cancer Care – Annie Appleseed Comments
Prioriting President Cancer Panel Recommendations – Annie Appleseed Comments
Elimination of Cancer Health Disparities – Annie Appleseed Comments
Eliminate Suffering/Death from Cancer – Annie Appleseed Comments
Cancer Topics for 2006 NCI Teleconference Series
Disappointed in New Patient Education Material

Nanotechnology Issues

Posted 12/06 more to come
as they arise

Nanoparticles Can Damage DNA, Increase Cancer Risk
Nanoparticles of Alumina Slow Plant Growth
Informed Choice

A JAMA study

Information Needs of Patients with Cancer
Cancer Specialists Avoid Alt Therapies
Patient Track-abstract (presented at conferences)
Engaging Patients in Medical Decision Making
Informed Consent Not Always Given
U.S. LAST Among Indstrlizd Nations for Prvntbl Deaths

Philanthropy News Digest, January 2008

Kenkou, Inc.

LINK: “Raising Confidence in Health

“Whether you are considering a new job, an educational plan for children, a new personal trainer, or which medical approach will improve health, complete and accurate information enables the best decisions.

When you examine varied options, inquire about comprehensive details, & discover evidence of success for each alternative, you can make a suitable choice. Matching the needs, the costs, & the benefits is the key to arriving at a personal decision”.

Value of Chemotherapy

Excerpted from Oncology
Treatment Updates
Medscapes, Inc. 1999

Patient/Activist Perspective
Why Chemotherapy May Lead To Cancer
Potentially Fatal Adverse Effects From Chemo ONGOING
Chemo at the End of Life: Analyzed Decision Process

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