CAM Conference

13th Annual Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference

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Feb 28-March 2, 2019.

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Immunotherapy from a natural perspective

Fragrance Free

(avoid perfumes, strong-smelling shampoos, hand cream, etc.). It’s actually better for you too. Use organic whenever because the skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs all you place upon it.

Embassy Suites Hotel (room) reservations are OPEN! (Special rates for Annie Appleseed Project conference guests only).

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  • Annie Appleseed Project - Al SanchezAl Sanchez
    “Metabolic Medicine and “Super” Energy Sources as Effective Strategies for Degenerative Diseases and Immune Therapy”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Carolyn GrossCarolyn Gross
    “Immunotherapy: The Nonsurgical Approach to Healing Cancer”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Charles BensCharles Bens, PhD
    “Preventing and treating cancer naturally: Some new developments”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Chris WarkChris Wark
    “Cancer can be healed!”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Ellen KamhiEllen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHG, AHN-BC
    “Herbs For Immune Support- NATURAL PLANTS TO THE RESCUE!”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - George LoveGeorge Love, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncture Physician, Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong Master
    “Qi Gong for Health”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Greg BurzynskiGreg Burzynski, MD, Burzynski Clinic
    “Advances in Personalized Cancer Care”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Mary HardyMary Hardy, MD
    “Supporting the Immune System During Cancer Treatment: What Does the Medical Literature Say?”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Henning SaupeDr. Henning Saupe
    “The Cancer Field Theory: 12 factors of a holistic cancer- and immunotherapy approach”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Jill Ayn SchneiderJill Ayn Schneider
    “Boosting Immune System by Detoxing with Juice Fasting”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Linda ScheeleLinda Scheele – Yoga Instructor
    “Breath, Movement & Meditation for Healing”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Lise M BattagliaLise M Battaglia, RShom (NA)
    “Gut health and Immune support via traditional methods proven effective for cancer care – Current Research & Strategies”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Rick ShapiroRick Shapiro
    “Hope Never Dies: How 20 Late-Stage and Terminal Cancer Patients Beat the Odds”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Scott JosephScott Joseph
    “Perfect Human Food”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Wendi SaggeseWendi Saggese
    “Hope, Disease and State of Mind”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Yvette WhittonYvette Whitton, ND
    “Naturopathic Approaches in Optimizing Immune Health”

Medical Cannabis Speakers

Patients Perspectives


Veritalife Mexico
American BioSciences
EnviroMed Sciences “Providing filtered water and cleansed air for our conference”
Inner Space Acupuncture
Office Chef
Natural Source
Florida Breast Cancer Foundation
Healing Touch Buddies
The Herb Nurse
Safe Connect Plus
Rubio Cancer Center
Chipsa Hospital
Genetic Cancer Screening


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Daiwa Health Development – supplements
Jigsaw Health
S.A.Wilsons Coffee
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Good Idea, Inc.
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Ola Loa Products
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